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How to Maintain your Car Parts Yourself?

Technical maintenance of car by self is one fact which people are afraid of trying. Most feel they are ignorant of the car parts and are afraid that any mistake while making an attempt might further add to the complication. But fine tuning a car by self is not so big a task and knowing the basic stuffs could actually serve you during an emergency and save you a few bucks. However periodic maintenance of your car by authorized workshops could avoid major technical glitches. Besides if you make yourself aware of the situations when your car needs a quick service you could take it to the workshop before its too late.


  • Oil Level

The first and foremost thing which every car owner should be aware of is the oil level of the engine. The oil level is visible with the minimum and maximum levels marked. The driver’s responsibility is to ensure that it stays between these limits. The engine oil is a significant part of the vehicle as it provides lubrication for the parts and ensures that the engine doesn’t get overheated.

  • Fluid Level

There are several other fluids like coolant fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid which are equally important that needs regular inspection. All these fluids are refilled at the time of service and any possibility of leakage is checked and verified.

  • Tyre pressure

The tyre pressures have to be maintained at right levels to prevent bumpy ride and excessive fuel consumption. If the tyre pressures aren’t balanced the maneuvering of vehicle becomes a hard task and could increase risks of an accident.

  • Air-conditioning system

Ensure that the compressor belts are in proper condition and the ventilation ducts are free of dust and clog.

  • Battery

Dust deposits coagulate at the battery terminals over a period of time and this could corrode the power distribution from the battery. Improper maintenance of the battery could cause starting troubles in your car.

These are just few tips to maintain your car by yourself. Simple precautions could save you a lot of bucks. A reliable workshop and a skilled mechanic are required for a safe service of your car. Ensure that you build a good rapport with the garage men so that you could entrust them with your car even when you are not around. Affordable services often could help your car maintain a healthy engine, else while ignoring minor troubles could develop into a major glitch that could cost you a fortune to repair. Get a proper guidance on maintaining your vehicle and don’t be hesitant to explore your vehicle. If you could solve minor hiccups, that could be a motivating aspect.

These days cars come equipped with technology that save lives, with airbags and ABS and a sturdy chassis, cars are designed keeping in mid the safety of the passengers. Your car is worth you. Make sure that you service your car regularly to enhance its performance and longevity. Beyond all this, there is a major factor that you should remember- DRIVE SAFE.